They don't know x5


They don't know, we on a roll
Five pound rope, five pounds of dope
We like to drink, we like to smoke
Party everyday and we never going broke

They like to tease, they like to poke
We get the last laugh, they the joke
We the ones talkin' they always choke
Lightin' it up, time to start the show

We don't need to, but why not
We show off because it's our spot
You think that she's your girl, she's not
My cliques on it like a robot
You back down or you get so stomped
It's bad judgement you should so stop
You step up and you will so flop
We take shots and we shoot a lot
We need ice cause we get too hot
If we like it it does get bought
We show off everything that we got and
You know we kill it every time when that beat drops


You know we kill it x3
You know we kill it every time when that beat drops


We like to show off
We like to show off
You know we showing off
We like we like to show off off off

Up in the club - We be showin' off
Up in the gym - We be showin' off
Up in the hood - We be showin' off
They don't know - how to be showing off


They don't know ee like to show off our hoes
I suppose most are wearing almost no clothes
Straight from the club snatched the chick off the pole
Doing shit that your girl won't

Twerkin' tippin' jerkin' sippin'
When we show off all the girls start to listen
Pluckin' chickens who don't know what they missin'
I don't want forgiveness I'm a man on a mission
Money talks, Cockin' our cocks
Countin' our pocks, lockin' our locks
Never goin soft, rockin' our rocks
Showing off and we never going stop

Hey, you better pay attention and listen carefully
You'll never compete unfortunately, you'll never get apologizes
I don't even give a fuck about illuminati conspiracies
I'll take you on a trip shitty destiny reality
No dude can battle me and no chick can handle me
I don't even need to be dressed up to show off my fantasies
Guccis, Versaces, Armanis, Louis
They're showing me off, I'm not showing off these


Show off the whip that we arrive in
Show off the women that you try to be buying
If u ain't showing off you don't even try it
Showing off until the day that we dying