We Fight
We gettin' lighter
Nothing gets us higher
We Fight
We bring the fire
We're burning brighter
We Fight
We put it all on the line
We take it down to the wire
We Fight
Until our souls expire
We Fight. We Fight. We fight. We Fighters


I slay all my battles like a dragon
I carry too much weight I'm draggin'
You go to war with me you're prayin'
It's a game you shouldn't be playin'

The shit that I'm takin'
The shit that ain't breakin'
It ain't shit I ain't complainin'
I'm way too anxious to make you ancient

I love to finish shit, I'm down for any competition
First I always finish, all I'm doin' is winnin'
I'm sick of givin' and givin' and not gettin' shit to get shit in
I'm a fighter I fight no explanations or forgiveness


I'm riding this wave in, I have no more patience
I got this, Sit back and witness 
I promise, I predicted greatness 
It's nothing personal I get down to business

I've always been an outcast, menace who can out last
Anyone and I'm the best, you can bet on that
I got everything I got on me, they try stopping me constantly
I'm consistently droppin' these, toppin' me is not an option obviously
I spit lightning with thunder, I strike like no other
You better duck and cover, or run for your mother
Today I'm sorry, but I'm a fighter not a lover

I'm done training, I'm ready for weigh-ins
I feel like a convict barricaded, surrounded by isolation
Frustration, doesn't even describe it
I'm clawin' I'm cryin' if I'm silenced I'm dyin'


When I don't have anymore fight in me
When I finally get beat
When I bite off too much with my teeth
When I grab past what I can't reach

When the grounds no longer beneath my feet
When I can no longer please
When nobody's no longer feelin' me
Just know I got my piece and found my peace

Until then I'm a fighter
I'm warnin' you I'm a warrior
Frontline soldier destroyer
Samurai gangster gladiator

I stripped my armour off
My weapons got dropped
Dead weight got lost
I'm the last you want to cross

I gave enough tears and blood and I will I'll never give up
Never live or get enough
I bring so much nobody can keep up
Fight me get beat up


We Fight
We Fire away
We Fight 
We live to fight another day