We tippin' n' we sippin' n we doin it up
We tippin' n' we sippin' nobody do it like us
We tippin' n' we sippin' we don't do it enough
You know we like to tip and we like to sip


I'm just sippin on that glass, the bottle I don't mind to pass

I like to show a little class and maybe pass up on some ass

I started stackin them sacks, I started givin' a lil back

I started tarin up some tracks, I started throwin down on maps(repeat 1X)

This is my time son, I get it done, even if I'm on one, and I'm on one

I twist it, I'm twisted, I spin it I'm spun

I spit it, get it, hit it, quit it, finish, I run

I be givin ya everything that you want

We be doin it all night and never goin' soft


Someone get a bottle girl cause I need to sip on that

Throw a few back to get to where I need to be at

The ladies wanna see that the haters wanna be that

There's a reason, why I do it, ya'all, better believe that

I'm the life of the party. I drink I get naughty

I got the hottest hotties drinkin outta my bottle and callin' shottie

I guess it's legit. The only way I do it

Been there, done that, did that, I do it

The realest in the game all these other rappers clueless

You wanna learn. Tune in

It's just a show now. Time to take me serious

My rover, my rolex, my penis pendant necklace

I'll never be out done and I'm the sexiest

Tippin', sippin' gettin tipsy and reckless.


We tip, we sip. Always make it a night you will never forget.
I blow, I rip. you know I don't mind taking a lil shhhhhh.

Hold up. Hold up. Everyone just calm down.


When I perform the whole crowd digs me.

When I leave the whole crowd misses me

I said I'm the life of the party. I make it happen

No where lackin, throwin em back like the Madmen

Flying high as hell, not worried about landin

Fu*k standing, I'm on the table dancin

Advancin, not worried about finances

Now I rap about that and it's actually happenin'

Everyone laughed about a gigolo rappin'

Now Nick Hawk's laughin'

I'm done being rushed, I hate half assin

I'm the last one tippin' n' sippin,' everyone I'm out lastin