Maybe we just need one more to step up, step up, step up
Maybe we just need one more to step up, step up, step up
Maybe we just need one more to step up


I'm acting like I'm missing somethin'
Everything I have is next to nothin'
I don't think about where I'm at, but where I'm going
And I'm two fucking seconds away from unloading

I feel I'm being chased by something I can't describe
Maybe it's death, I'm so fucking alive
I sat on my ass for too much time
Now I'm laughing at the reaper until I fucking die
My mind just lost it I stopped just paused it

I'm rolling the dice cause I'm so fucking exhausted
I let it all hang out, I'm not afraid to shock it
Targets in the crosshairs now the shots now locked in
No looking back I got the cock to cock it
Talking the talk and walking the walk
The balls to pull the trigger and get the last shot in


Almost lost it like an addict, but the first to admit
I'm making my fortune, but I was never fortunate
I'm twisted and twist it, like a fucking contortionist
I got the chips, aces beat douches

You just got busted, I don't know what the confusion is
I mighta lost my mind, but I sure ain't losing this
I might got behind, but at least I still exist
I got the show and now I added the biz bitch

Yout thought I was scared, you must be missing something
Ha ha ha, I ain't afraid of nothing
My backs against the ropes, I'm rollin' with the punches
Thanks for the support and keep em coming


Fix this shit that so many annihilate
Talk that trash ,spit garbage, give me a fucking break
Ladies faint, guys try to imitate
So many make it so easy to hate

I'm stepping up in taking over
On the front line, I'm a mutha fucking soldier
I'm killin' this shit, I'll run you all over
Assassination assigned, it will soon be over

Everything I say I mean, don't forget what I said
I'm rolling in success, you're at your last cent
Gathering up my riches, starting on my left
All the way past the penthouse to the roof top
I can never get enough and I always got a lot
No need to bet the nuts just got flopped
When you're on top the roof just gets dropped
I keep on stepping, AND I JUST CAN'T STOP