I'm Now Offering All Clients An Opportunity To Have Their Initials Tattooed On Me

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I have most of my body tattooed, but I never considered tattooing around my butthole. Apparently, I will go to great lengths to inspire people to operate at higher levels. I was on my third booking with my most over-weight client-to-date in Sedona, Arizona. I struggled to find the appropriate words to encourage her to lose weight and she would ignorantly joke about it. Scares about her tripping, falling again and having to drive a scooter concerned her, but my words of the seriousness of obesity had little effect. She was running from her problems and was convinced food would give her some happiness, when in fact it was doing the opposite. When we were leaving Sedona we stopped at a souvenir shop that sold metal vortex art pieces. She said to me, jokingly at first, that she would lose 50 pounds if I tattooed the vortex around the least pleasant opening on my body, but I took her up on it. Soon after, I thought of a way to hopefully motivate more of my clients who struggle with self-control and being overweight.

I can't think of a greater gift than getting someone's initials tattooed permanently on your skin. I started with making the deal with a few of my closest clients. I have now opened the deal up to any of my clients who have booked me for more than 48 hours and will lose 50 pounds or obtain some agreed upon advanced education. I now have four clients initials tattooed on my body, one more that I will tattoo soon and over 10 in the works. I would do hundreds. More than anything, I have found that some type of bet or reward works best when wanting to make serious changes. I recommend that you challenge yourself in some way and offer yourself a reward for succeeding. I have been many people's reward and I love hearing it. Unfortunately, we don't think our health, brain function, energy levels and mobility is enough. My Sedona client refuses to evolve and she doesn't love herself enough to complete the challenge. I wish she could find more guidance and inspiration outside of her poorly constructed world. My tattoo guy isn't super mad about it. I do have the metal vortex hanging outside by my pool.

I tattooed "you have a choice" on my wrist with another client, just to remind her that she has control and a choice in every situation because she has self-control issues and panic attacks. I thought it was a great way to show her how committed to my theory about it I was. We lack understanding of how influential our thoughts are, and we sell ourselves way too short. We are capable of much more than we will ever understand. When I met her years ago, she didn't think that she was capable of going grocery shopping or to the movies alone without panicking and having to drop her things and leaving. Now she's going to the store and getting her hair done without me or her assistant for the first time in her life.

I also tattooed "never say never" in the same font of a homie that got "never again" tattooed on her hand. I thought it was very horrible and negative. She now tells me every time she looks at it she thinks of mine and smiles. I have "breathe" and "balance" tattooed on my thumbs and "love," "create" and "seek" tattooed on my hands as reminders, as well as my face temple tattoo that reminds me to be the person I've worked so hard to become. We need reminders when we're programming ourselves to becomes better people because we can reset, forget and fall back into bad habits when we're not on our game. Finally, when I got my black belt I got a king chess piece on my neck and gave myself the gift of never having a bad day. It's definitely a reminder of how pointless it would be.