There ain't no competition and there ain't no second guessing
When I step up to the plate get ready to get taught a lesson
I bring the tension, I get your attention
I'll never forget to mention, there was never any contention
I feel like I'm present
But maybe I'm another presence, from another dimension, your reflection
The better man who sees right through you and took another direction
My next Resurrection might be perfection
Out of your league with tremendous sexiness and sentences
What can I say I must like the attention
Yes i'm offensive and most are meant to be offended
Eight hundred pound gorilla pounding my chest suspended
I swing for the fence and I ain't hesitant
I'm addicted to winning it's the best medicine
Living legend kingpin heavyweight grand champion
I ain't just talking about grappling


There's ain't no competition X8

I'm a predator, I'm a competitor, Ooo X4


We Imprison this viciousness
Create a little friction
You're missing the conviction
Addicted to this prison
You're no competition x4