Usually I like to include you
But there's just some shit I do that you don't do
I wish I could, because it's lonely like they say
Then I remember I'm not alone and most people can relate in some way
It took a lot leaving, it took a lot of breathing
I took a lot of beatings, I did a lot bleeding
Then I stopped running soon after I didn't have to chase
I put my hands up and started protecting my face
I started to fight back put people back in their place
Knock em the fuck out my bubble they shouldn't have been there in the first place
But I'm nothing without them and their attempts to devastate
They're not a waste, they just leave a bad aftertaste


I welcome the pain, I need to feel
Bring some understanding to what's fake and real
I have one short life , I need to feel alive
I take a couple punches and continue the fight
If I get knocked down, I get back up
I get hit with cheap shots, I don't need back up
Gotta get in a fight, I don't need to win
I just need to survive, so I can fight again


I can't live without you
I can't live without you
I can't feel alive without you
I can't feel alive without you
I can't fly without you
I can't fly without you
I can't fight without you
I can't fight without you

I proved I can take a punch
You shouldn't need to prove you can get hit so much
My heart sometimes doesn't beat enough
I need extra adrenaline to get a good pump
It's so hard, to look away
Especially after, you get a taste
My thick skin, is my mace
My iron chin, protects my face


I got knocked down a lot, I don't regret falling once
There's not a better feeling than picking yourself up after getting hit with a punch
It took a lot of sweating and a lot of second guessing
The only part of life I regret is when I didn't appear threatening
We were put on this planet to fight, not to just get by with all love
I haven't yet, why the fuck would I give up?
I miss it, I no longer get hit that much
They're not coming close with there shots, I eat these bitches for lunch
At a point in my life, that few people will touch
No gifts, no talent, you have no such luck
You need a kick in the ass, we give out too many hugs
If you're not fighting you're dying, put you're fucking hands up


Please keep swinging, and take a good look what your making
I got good at dodging, I'm giving more than I'm taking
I'm done fakin' and shaking, aching breakin' and waitin'
We need standing up to the hatin' it takes retaliatin'
The world created me, in the end we're the same
We just choose different paths, we dig our own grave
Pain isn't weakness leaving, it still hurts the same
It's not you're fault, there's others to blame
The toxic waste you're fed, isn't just in your food, Most of what you see is manipulation to keep you confused
An excuse, to have nothing to lose, nothing to live for and everything to prove