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I'm going outta this world
I'm going outta this world
I'm going outta this world
I'm going outta this world


I ooze schmooze so smooth I sooth
I spit I'm so sick, not easily amused
I blow I rip, nobody can do what I do
I took over the world and now it might be time to move
Maybe it's my attitude, I'm at a high altitude
I climbed to the top backwards then I set sail flew
I need a light to ignite or insight to excite
Take flight to a new hight, I can't get too high
I feel like I'm on standby, waiting for the right time
I'm sorry I can't slow down you might have to rewind when I rhyme
I'm so ridiculous I'm sticking to spittin' it
Intergalactic apocalyptic
Rap addict and I'ma keep at it
Got the rapa tat tat tat tat tat tactics
Spaceship rap captain no competition or distraction
I'm already outta this world no need for an extraction


I got a lot of words, don't feel like I'm a part of Earth
A lot of love, I hold too much hurt
I just want to inspire, that's what I now do this for
Me, I'm not selfish, I don't care about that anymore
I'm out of the world, I wish I could stay like this
The only time my life makes a hint of sense
At my best I test, stress press the less
Midwest to blessed, exploding through the cosmics
Get outta my world, get outta my head, it gets too heavy
Sometimes I can be my worst enemy
So tonight's on me, hyperdrive beyond our galaxy
It's gonna be a long night the sun ain't ever gonna be passin' me


Get on that spaceship zoom zoom
Hit em with the boom boom
Make a little room room
I gotta go soon soon
Why do I still feel like I'm missing something
I can't say anymore, that I don't got nothing
And I admit, I kill every moment
No One lives life like me, or enjoys it like this
I try not to lose focus in all this commotion
I don't sugarcoat sh** and I'm never soft spoken
I will never quit, I'm in it until the finish
This is for your inspiration, benefit and amusement
It's a planet ready for revolution
We tried religion and politics, we didn't get a solution
We destroyed our planet with war and pollution
Man, if we only focused, we're all now losing
Countdown from 10, launched in a rocketship
Start the countdown maybe I'll see you on the next trip




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