I got that gigolo style

I got that gigolo swagger

I got that gigolo smile

I got that gigolo flavor

I'm a gigolo and you know I don't care

I'm not afraid to let it all hang out there


I'm a gigolo baby and I go by Nick Hawk

I stun what I got and I don't need a stunt cock

I get paid, I like to get bought

Wait until you tell your friends about what you got

I'm a guilty pleasure nobody gets the ladies wetter

I'm heating up already hotter than the Las Vegas weather

Stepping on eggshells light as a feather

I'm a start off to a night that you'll remember forever

I make a big entrance, I like to be naked

I break hearts everytime I exit

I'm a hustler baby, but I'm not playin'

You get what you pay for and believe me I'm worth payin'

If you don't have a problem let's get down to it

Money before clothes, pleasure after business

You ask what a gigolo is, Garren knows

Get low for me baby, get low, get low


I'm a giga giga giga, giga gigalow

Get it get it get it get get low

I'm a giga giga giga, giga gigalow

Get it get it get it get get low

Get low baby, get low for me

Get low baby, get low for me



I run with my Vegas entourage

We got a Lambo, Ferrari, Bentley parked in the garage

A big ass billboard above the Mirage

Cameras flash, girls scream, guys us me applause

Pick who you want to get with and what whip you want to get in

Who you want to trip with, tonight you gonna be winnin'

Get with me baby, I'll get you escorted

It's real in these sheets not some scripted bullshit

I'm the main attraction, escorted by cops

Me VIP and I always get comped

Almost too many bottle tops to get popped

So many clubs, so many stops

Strippers hit me up when they get off the get off

Someone's gotta do it another day in the life of

I can never get enough, man I love my job

I guarantee a good time but I'm here for the payoff

The girls I get with are the ones you don't

The girls I get with are the ones who won't

Look at you a second time but for me they hope

I let em give me money to hang em with this skin rope


I'm just a gigolo everywhere I go

People know the part I'm playing and it's my time to show

It's Showtime, time to let the cameras roll

It's way too late, I made a deal and sold my soul

How can, I be sad and lonely?

Cause, nowadays it gets these girls so horny

It ain't got nobody but I got plenty of bodies on me

I'm worth every penny, a high class luxury

Exclusive shit, I'm a top priority

Now I'm famous and probably your favorite celebrity

Not just for the money I don't play the lottery

I don't believe in luck but I get paid to get lucky

I'm blowing up they say I'm self destructing

Bitch, I'm the bomb you better grab ahold of something