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"If you want to be better with cooking, talk to a chef.  If you want to be better with confidence, talk to me."

- Nick Hawk

Click "SHOP" above to book coaching phone calls, Skypes and emails ranging from $25-$100. In person Confidence Coaching for men and women is a minimum of four hours at my rate of $1550. Please complete the form below and my Bookings Manager, Garren James, with will contact you. Thanks!

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Confidence is accepting yourself, not being afraid and being prepared. Nobody is born with confidence; it is a skill. It is something I lacked most of my life. I had panic attacks speaking to my extended family at the dinner table, when I talked to girls and when I got called upon in class. I now film a TV show where I have unscripted dating and sexual situations, with three cameras on me, knowing millions and millions of people will be watching...and I don't have any say in the editing process. I also perform my music in front of packed night clubs and venues. It is an ability that can be acquired and advanced by all. We can all overcome.

The biggest problem in the world is kids having kids. It takes much guidance, research and "soul-searching" to develop confidence, and it takes much more work to learn how to effectively communicate it; especially to a child. I feel this is where parenting fails the most. My parents were very young when they had me. They loved me but they didn't know how to properly communicate it, and that's why I struggled most of my life. This is where I come in. I will be your guide. Most of us have never had one.

The first step is recognizing there's a problem; the second step is recognizing you can fix the problem and change; the third step is reprogramming. I encourage you to read my book, "Nick Hawk's 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential" or challenge yourself to have a conversation with me. I'm healthy for you, I've been there and I know how to escape it. Start conditioning and preparing yourself to no longer be that lost and confused person any more. I will free you.
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The first session is more to get to know each other. Depending on which night is booked, I will decide on the best venues. We can meet at a restaurant or bar to have a chat before we go into the field. I will ask why you are there, what you wish to get out of the session, your history and what I think the best approach is and why. Sometimes I will think it's best to interact and talk through things with me or I may give you some tips, mic you up, put you into the field to approach and talk to people. I'll listen from a distance and we will discuss after each interaction. We will talk about everything from what to wear, demeanor, attitude, when to approach, who to approach and more. Did you know that the human response to feeling threatened is to freeze, fight, or run? To get a great understanding of confidence you need to see it in action and compare it with what doesn't work for you. Then you need to make adjustments and test your new approach. Every time you approach someone it's a success, you will learn from it, apply what you learned and you will become more confident. It's a lot of fun! I love it and have a great time.

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