Star On A Scripted TV Show Or Big Budget Film

Bali - Stay at Capella Ubud & Bvlgari - Ubud Monkey Forest - See A Komodo Dragon

Africa - Hike Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Visit Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Sit In The Devil's Pool

Observe Wild Silver Back Gorillas

Backpack Vietnam & Cambodia

Obtain a Psychology Master's Degree & Doctorate


Win the Jiu Jitsu ADCC Trials & IBJJF World's Adult NO-GI As A Black Belt


Perform My Music For A Large Music Festival

Swim With Orcas


Find A Meteorite

Ojai Festival

Desert Hearts Festival

Join The Polar Bear Club


Hike Mt. Charleston Peak

Volunteer At Orangutan Refuge

Tenerife - climb volcano, star observatory, surf, old pirate spot, swim with dolphins

Lapland, Finland - View the Northern Lights, snowboard, sleigh rides, Hotel Star Arctic Glass Cabins

Helicopter To And Explore Catalina Island, California


Yosemite - Hike Half Dome

Run With A Wild Wolf Pack In Canada

Scuba Dive The Great Barrier Reef


See The Northern Lights - Visit Hotel Kakslauttanen Aurora Borealis

Meditate In The Great Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt

Go On A Mediterranean Cruise, visit Greece


Make A Snow Angel And Pee My Name In Antartica Snow

Party And Gamble At The French Riviera

Walk Along The Great Wall Of China - Study Kung Fu from Monks - See The Forbidden City - Visit Tianzi Mountain

Visit - Jericoacoara - Kite Board

Visit Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

See An Active Volcano

Visit Bora Bora

Spot A Snow Leopard In Ladakh, India

Visit Iguazu Waterfall, Argentina

Create A Song For A Big Budget Film

Sit Front Row At A Lakers Game

Hike The Vegas Narrows

Visit Angel Falls, Venezuela

Forge A Sword Blade

Learn How To Draw A Caricature

Have a Successful 30 Minute Stand Up Set & Film It

Wrestle A Bear

Zero Gravity Experience on 747

Have A New York Times Best Selling Book

Go To Indonesia And Climb The World's Largest Buddhist Temple - Borobudur

Dirt-bike the Glamis Sand Dunes

Visit Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia 

Name A Star

Visit Churchill During Polar Bear Migration

Visit Manitou Incline, Colorado

Visit Modoc National Forest, California


Star In A Las Vegas Show


Zip Line Zip World Velocity - Wales


Visit Mammoth Cave National Park - Kentucky


Visit Olympic National Park - Washington


Visit Acadia National Park - Maine


Hang Glide

See All 50 States


Ride the 'Flow Rider' at Planet Hollywood


Climb The Haiku Stairs (Stairway To Heaven) - Oahu






Jump Out Of A Plane Solo


Visit - Australia - Plateau Uluru


Visit Stonehenge, UK


Visit Easter Island, Chile


Climb To Mt. Everest Base Camp


Visit Ecuador


Visit Dubai


Visit Cabo


Party At Mardi Gras


Kentucky Derby


Hike Old Rag Mountain - Virginia


Hike Fjordland, New Zealand


Hike Fjords, Norway


Hike Blyde River Canyon, South Africa


Hike Hua Shan, China


Hike El Caminito del Rey


Hike El Chorro, Spain


Hike Mont Blanc - France

See the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Italy

See The New Seven Wonders Of The World


And Visit Everywhere Else I Haven't Been...




Obtain an English Bachelor's Degree

Perfect My Confidence/Acting Craft

& Conquer Hollywood

& Star On A TV Show - Gigolos

Become A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt - Become A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pans - National - World Champion

Do Music - Learn How To Play The Guitar, Piano & Drums - Release Music Album On ITunes - Perform My Music Live On Stage With A Full Band - Have A Gold Record - Record A Country Song - Cover A Song, Wrecking Ball - Learn A Beethoven Symphony


Heli-board, Northern Nevada


Be On A Billboard - Vegas/Los Angeles


Spiritual Stuff - Do a week ceremony in Costa Rica - Burning Man - Have A Kundalini Awakening And Enter The State Of Samadhi

Have A Close Encounter Of The 5th Kind

Participate In Ayahuasca Ceremony


Panama - Get 20 Million Mesenchymal Stem Cells Pumped Into Bloodstream

Write & Publish A Successful Self-Help Book

Hawaii -
Island Hop Cruise - Luau - Swim With And Ride A Wild Dolphin - Snorkel With Giant Sea Turtles - Drive The Road To Hana, Hike The Seven Sacred Pools - Surf Waikiki

Alaska - Dog Sled On A Glacier - Alaskan Cruise - Experience Melting Glaciers - Hold A Live Octopus

Las Vegas - Fly A Plane, Stall It In The Atmosphere, Do Loops & Dog Fight -

Skydive - Race A Ferrari & Lamborghini At The Vegas Speedway - Go Indoor Skydiving - Helicopter Over The Grand Canyon - Shoot A Machine Gun Out Of A Helicopter - Sit Ringside For An UFC Event - Zip-line Downtown LasVegas - Win Big At  A Texas Hold Em Table - Hit A Target At 250 Yards With A .50 Cal Rifle


Wrestle In A Professional Match

South Africa - Cage Dive With Great White Sharks- African Safari - Stalk The Big Five In South Africa - See The Magnificent Nine - Scuba Dive With Seals

Release A Successful Sex Toy Line

Dirt-bike Amargosa Valley Dunes (Dumont)


Mt. Shasta - Drink The Mountain Water - Hike Mt. Shasta - Hike Castle Lake

Utah - Hike Zion, Angel's Landing - Off Road Hell's Revenge, Moab - Go Rock Climbing, Moab - Visit Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah - Calf Creek Falls - Bryce Canyon

Backpack Eastern Europe & Write A Book

Hike To Havasupai Falls - Sleep Next To A 200 Ft. Waterfall In A Tree Hammock

Snowboard Colorado



Mexico - Swim With Whale Sharks

& Giant Mantra Rays - Chichen Itza

Learn Falconry And Fly A Hawk In Ireland


See A Wild Tiger On A Tiger Safari

Scuba Dive The Blue Hole

Rave at the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, Thailand

Do A Backflip Off A Trapeze

Watch A Sunset & A Moon Rise On Psychedelics In The Middle Of The Desert

Hike The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Peru


Visit Yellowstone National Park

& Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming - See Elk Bugle - Prismatic Springs - Old Faithful

Surf Huntington Beach

Wake Board Lake Mead

Produce My Own TV show: "Nick Hawk's: Not Married Yet," Nick Hawk's Top 10," "The Adventures Of Nick Hawk & The Kambo King"


Get Sushi In Tokyo


Be A Few Feet Away From

Humpback Whales Breaching

Sedona - Meditate & Hike Warrior Rock - Hike Mt. Wilson - Participate In Kambo Ceremony - Catch A Fly With Chopsticks

Deep Sea Fish the Dry Tortugas

Do A Back Flip Off A Yacht In The Mediterranean 

Go Spearfishing - Jamaica

Go White Water Rafting - Canada


Visit Yosemite - Hike Top Of Nevada

Mountain Bike The Swiss Alps


Sail At A 45 Degree Angle

Run A Camel In Marrakech, Morocco

& Stay At La Mamounia


Attend The Superbowl


Costa Rica - Surf Jaco Beach - Horseback Ride In The Jungle - Repel Of A Waterfall - See Live Crocodiles Get Fed - See A Flock Of Macaws - See Del Toro Waterfall

Oregon - Visit Crater Lake - Mine Opals - Off Road Dunes

Climb Red Rock, Las Vegas

Get High At Coachella

Parasail In Florida

Go On A Caribbean Cruise

Lassen Peak Trail, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Patricks's Point, Redwood Forest, California - Take A Photo Where Bigfoot Was Filmed

Visit The Hampton's, NY


Visit Big Sur/Pfeiffer Beach, California - Hike Limekiln to the waterfall

Visit Monterey - Kayak With The Otters

Hike The Valley Of Fire

Sit On The Front Row/50 Yard Line

For A NFL Game

Hike To Mary Jane Falls - Mt. Charleston

Visit Niagara Falls - Take The Maid Of The Mist Ride To Waterfalls

Visit The Yukon

Visit Joshua Tree National Park - Death Valley

Visit Glacier National Park - Montana

Wisconsin - Chase A Tornado - Ride A Dirt-bike - Go To A Green Bay Packers Game At Lambeau Field - Successfully Bow Hunt A Large Whitetail Buck - Shoot A Pope & Young Whitetail Buck

Get Announced By Bruce Buffer

Make Joe Rogan Laugh And Pick His Brain


Visit Madrid, Spain


Visit Portugal - See Christ The King, Cabo Da Roca

Fill a Passport

Get Tattooed By A Buddhist Master


San Francisco - Rockaway Beach


Visit Sequoia National Park - See the World's Largest Living Tree, General Sherman

Canada - Vancouver - Whistler, Peak-To-Peak/Sea-To-Sky Gondola - Capilano Suspension Bridge - Eagle Watch - See A Wild Bear

Guatemala - Mayan Ruins

Go Crabbing- Catch & Cook My Own Blue Crab


Zip-line Boulder City

Attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Pet A Wild Crocodile In Costa Rica


Tahoe - Hike Around Lake Tahoe


Dirt-bike Nevada's Canyons


Dune Buggy In The Desert


Visit Philadelphia & Run The "Rocky" Stairs

See Wild Humpback Whales Breech

London - Explore The City - Cleopatra's Needle

Brazil - Hike The Urban Jungle - See Christ The Redeemer From A Helicopter


Visit Griffith Observatory


New York - See The Ball Drop Live In Times Square - Ride The Subway System To Get Around New York - Empire State Building - Central Carriage Ride - Grand Central Station - See A Broadway Play, Lion King


India - See The Taj Mahal - Ride An Elephant


Join The Mile High Club


Visit Napa Valley And Go Wine Tasting

Paris - Buy Art - Cleopatra's Needle


Lasso A Large Horse

Go River Tubing


Learn To Fence


Ibiza - Party

Snowboard Mammoth Mountain

 Los Angeles - Party At The Playboy Mansion - Hike Runyon Canyon - Ghost Hunt The Queen Mary - Surf Malibu - Camp Malibu Canyon - Griffith Observatory - 


Be On The Cover Of Men's Health UK


Visit Puerto Vallarta


Become An Air Force Marksman


Pass All The Tests To Become

Air Force Special Ops


Do A 4-Year Active Duty Military Tour

Learn How To Break-dance

See Eminem/Korn/Limp Bizkit Live


Go On A Caribbean Cruise

Meditate with Deepak Chopra