I'm breakin' a sweat
Can't catch me like I can't catch my breath
Out of shape you get bent
Mad at me cause I never get spent
My wings are spread
Fly til I die and I'm over the rest
I got a lot more left
You know it's a promise I'm done making threats
Fire up like a corvette
You'll never catch up I take off like a jet
I leave you in suspense
You watch too much TV you don't know who you met
I'll never forget
What I've been through all the shyt that's been said
It doesn't make sense
You haven't even seen what I'm made of yet


I'm breakin' a sweat oooooh
I'm breakin' breakin' a sweat ohhhh
I'm breakin' a sweat yeaaaaah
I'm breakin' a breakin' a breakin' a breakin' a


You can't break me
I can't be broken
I Sweat Out Your Poison
You can't break me
I can't be broken
I Sweat Out Your Poison
You can't break me because
I do the breaking


I'm breakin' a sweat
They're hard on me but I'm harder on myself
So much pain I've felt
Blood, sweat and tears I like the smell
I play the cards I'm dealt
I'll sell my soul but I'll never sell out
I'm still raising hell
Sitting back killin it bleedin' em out
I got stories to tell
No guts no glory
I don't fuck around
I don't need to pray for prey
I wouldn't stick around
I got as much bite as my bark
Can't question me now
You really don't want to find out what I'm all about


I'm breakin' a sweat
I'm getting my step back y'all can't stop that I don't sweat the small crap
Maybe we just need one more to step up step up on top of that y'all never had my back
I'm getting mine before it all goes black break me off a piece of that
You never gave me shyt I don't need to give it back
Worth every penny worth all the while
Worth all the pain worth all the bile
Climbing a mountain swimming a nile
Nobody know my flow got so much guile
Like a wave I break or more like an earthquake
Sweats to hate I retaliate I can't be fake
You try to take and take you're way too late
I do the breaking you're broke I can't even relate