I was born this way REPEAT A LOT

I was born to be bad born born to be bad
Born born born born


My spirits starts shit, my minds hotwired
You can't blame me for it, you spark my fire
I paid a lot more, I walk a tight wire

I insist my instinct is insanity for instance
It's just so intense, I breath in take deep breaths
Don't wanna know where I've been, I come from deep depths
Don't want to start shit with a man who has nothing left
I never think about leaving you in thick suspense

I keep hearin' these voices screamin' pull it, and I listen
I'm dangerous, I blow up, Demolition
They ask for patients
Well, I'm sick of waiting
I get down to business and don't ask for forgiveness
I will live my life dangerous until I overdose in it


I was born to be bad REPEAT A LOT

I was born to be bad, I was born to be bad

I was born this way, I was born this way



I consume death, t
he devil I digest
I keep him locked up in my closet, I bury every skeleton
To the hell with it, I'm raising hell again
Out of the darkness, not afraid to start shit
I got so many demons, they're starting to start a riot
I get so crazy and can't stay quiet
I'd fucking lose it, if I ever heard silence

My words are deadly
I don't murder gently
Afraid of nobody
My hand is steady
It's getting heavy
I hope you're ready
You better take me seriously
Stop provoking me
You're actually helping me
Your death is my remedy

Leave it to me to give it a quick squeeze
Only way to block the pain feel a little relief
I ask for this, beg, plead, please
Being bad is my release




I was born to be bad, I wasn't born with options
Everyone trying to tell me to be good, drop it

I was born this way, I was born with swag
I'm so fresh it's an accident, you couldn't be bad if you paid
I'm that bad muther fucker with that bad muther fucker limp
I'm seeking justice and I'm gonna make you my fucking bitch

I came from nothin
And I still got nothin
That's some scary shit
Shouldn't fuck with it
Lost my whole life
Still nothin to prove
I'm done explaining
I still got nothin to lose
I get a bad rap but I don't give one back I refuse

When I feel like the end's near, like I need some good last words
And I'm so fu*ked up, it's like I got the barrel backwards
But I was born a fu*king badass, fu*k a pussy ass coward
Backed into a corner, claustrophobic gotta get out
You're lucky as hell if you just get knocked the fuck out
I guess blame your parents, it must be their fault
You can't be like me, I'll show you what being bad is really about